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Francesco Cacucciolo

Francesco Cacucciolo is many things a successful realtor, and an excellent mentor. Francesco and his team come from humble beginnings, he started out doing construction at the age of twelve and continued doing so throughout his teenage years and has been part in many jobs with excellent review, he has also completed three separate projects resulting in three new custom homes.

Francesco Cacucciolo started his journey into real estate by first having the dream of becoming an architect. He loved the different styles and the unique quirks of each home so at the age of nineteen when he found real estate he discovered his true passion. He spent his early adolescent years learning from mentors and practicing for his real estate exams. The day he turned twenty-one he began his mission toward making the home buying process an educational friendly area. After working for Re/Max and other real estate agencies,Francesco then decided it was best to start his own real estate company known as Infiniti Real Estate.

Francesco has worked alongside the best in the real estate market and has accumulated many long-term clients along the way. He not only wants to find the perfect home for you, but also intends on teaching everyone who is willing to learn about the home buying process, this has made him the “big brother” of the real estate market. In recent years Francesco has made long-term clients and friends by giving them the tools to be able to find the perfect home. He has amassed over forty million dollars in successful sales in the past several years and has successfully helped clients achieve the goal of finding the perfect home. Francesco and Infiniti Real Estate hope to be helping you in the near future.

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